Grup Gestió is a professional business consulting firm that offers comprehensive services to companies and individuals to help them manage their projects. Since its founding in 1980, the firm has stood out for its quality service and professionalism.

Our team is composed of over 80 professionals specialised in different areas of business. As such, we provide integral services to our clients at all times: tax and employment advice, strategic consulting, auditing, legal services and insurance. Our multidisciplinary team aims to provide our clients with the best solution.

Our raison d’être is rooted in integrity, responsibility, professional ethics and client-based, quality services. These values, along with our knowledge, experience and ongoing training, have contributed to the group’s steady growth and have helped position it as a reference in business consulting in the region of Girona.


We are backed by more than 35 years of experience in consulting for businesses and individuals.
We stand out for our response capability and specialisations in the different areas where we work. We anticipate and adapt to our clients’ needs to always offer personalised service in each case.
We stand out for the quality of our advice and our dedication to providing service. As such, we require our team receive ongoing training to solidify professionalism, effectiveness and success in all our working areas.
We are committed to satisfying our clients’ needs and objectives, creating a climate of trust and security, facilitating two-way communication and promoting close relationships in order to achieve active participation and teamwork.  Trust and proactive interrelationships with our clients are key for the future advancement of your business projects.
For us, engaging in face-to-face collaborations is essential. We travel to our clients’ offices, whether individuals or companies, in order to provide direct face-to-face consulting services that adapt to your needs. We guide you through the different steps to help find the best solution to your company decision-making processes.


Narcís Darné
Narcís DarnéPartner
39 years at Grup Gestió
Josep Carreras
Josep CarrerasPartner
39 years at Grup Gestió

“We offer comprehensive consulting services thanks to our knowledge, experience and ongoing training and provide a close and personal approach to our clients’ needs.” Narcís Darné

“At Grup Gestió, we know how important people are. That is why we work towards creating a team that is capable of providing effective and personal solutions to our clients’ concerns.” Josep Carreras


Dolors Carreras
Dolors CarrerasManager
34 years at Grup Gestió
Toni Gamell
Toni GamellTax
23 years at Grup Gestió
Anna Ferrer
Anna FerrerAccounting
32 years at Grup Gestió
Josep Lluís Sànchez
Josep Lluís SànchezConsulting
28 years at Grup Gestió
Eduard Corrales
Eduard CorralesEmployment
27 years at Grup Gestió
Carmen Penabad
Carmen PenabadEmployment
22 years at Grup Gestió
David Tulsà
David TulsàLawyers
19 years at Grup Gestió
Xavier Ferran
Xavier FerranLawyers
13 years at Grup Gestió
Josep Gavilán
Josep GavilánAdministrative Services
30 years at Grup Gestió
Toni Corpas
Toni CorpasInsurance
5 years at Grup Gestió
Antonio Martínez
Antonio MartínezAudits
15 years at Grup Gestió
Marc Sànchez
Marc SànchezIT-Computers
15 years at Grup Gestió


Joan Sagué
Joan SaguéFigueres Manager
15 years at Grup Gestió
Pere Juanola
Pere JuanolaRoses Manager
10 years at Grup Gestió
Albert Valls
Albert VallsPalamós and Platja d'Aro Manager
14 years at Grup Gestió
Pilar Mesas
Pilar MesasSant Feliu de Guíxols Manager
15 years at Grup Gestió