Área Laboral Grup Gestió Girona

“For us, working closely together is essential. We travel to your offices to provide you with direct, face-to-face consulting.”

In the Employment Department, we work alongside our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of a company to offer comprehensive consulting services and the correct management of their needs.

For individuals, we carry out studies, calculate pensions and benefits and submit a wide array of pension requests.


  • Consulting services during the company creation process.
  • Aid in requesting unemployment pay-out
  • Consulting during the hiring process and in applying provisions of valid collective agreements in the company.
  • Drafting contract clauses in accordance with your needs (versatile workers, tenure, full dedication, no competition, etc.)
  • Representation or assistance with employment and Social Security inspections, negotiations with employees and employee representatives.
  • Consulting and assistance or representation in an early conciliation claim lodged by dismissed employees, in wage claims, vacations etc.
  • Consulting and protecting your interests in disciplinary claims (reprimands, wage and employment sanctions and dismissals due to misconduct).
  • Support and representation in individual and collective dismissals (based on financial, technical, productive or organizational grounds).


  • Registering the company with Social Security
  • Opening and closing social security payment accounts as well as modifying account information.
  • Changing social security payment account for workers.
  • Notifying of the opening of a work centre or resumed activities.
  • Registering workers with Social Security
  • Drafting work contract content and contract renewals and submitting them to the employment office.
  • Monitoring expiration dates of work contracts and renewals.
  • Posted workers. Information requests for applicable Social Security legislation, among others.
  • Preparing payslips and severance pay for employees.
  • Preparing Social Security payments (monthly, delays in changes in contracts, etc.).
  • Subscription fee forms for labour organisations (construction, hotel industry)
  • Social Security debt deferment.
  • Refund request for undue income.
  • Request for registering a special agreement with Social Security.
  • Monthly and quarterly payments of withholdings.
  • Information statement. Yearly summary of withholdings.
  • Monthly submission of the entitlements payable file (CRA-acronym in Spanish).
  • Monthly notification of days worked part-time.
  • Company certificates for unemployment, retirement, maternity/paternity leave, etc.
  • Certificate of personal income tax (IRPF) withholdings.
  • Notice of data to payer.
  • Requests for maternity and paternity benefits.
  • Request for the direct payment of temporary disability.
  • Request for contributory and non-contributory pensions (retirement, permanent disability, survivor’s pension, orphanhood, etc.).
  • Requests to open, close and modify a special scheme for self-employed workers.
  • Requests to open, close and modify a special scheme for domestic workers.
  • Notice of accident with medical leave.
  • List of accidents without medical leave.
  • Emergency notice of work accident.

Studies and calculating pensions and benefits

  • We carry out studies to determine the best time for retirement and to compare the results of pensions if contribution bases increase.
  • We calculate various pensions and benefits (retirement, permanent disability, survivor’s pension and orphanhood, unemployment, etc.).

Study on the management of a company’s department of wages and human resources

  • We study the procedures a company directly carries out to determine to what degree the company fulfils its employment and Social Security obligations.

Employment audit

We provide our clients with employment audits that are aimed at analysing clients’ activities and existing contractual relationships between the company and its staff such as directors, executives, wage earners and freelancers. The objective is to determine to what extent the company fulfils its agreements with staff and complies with valid legislation and obligations in terms of its contributions to the government.  At the end of the audit, we issue a report that determines the level of fulfilment and lists the employment contingencies that we have detected during the review.


    You can also contact us by calling +34 972 20 50 04.