Área Fiscal Grup Gestió Girona

“Our qualified, multidisciplinary team works to provide you with comprehensive service.”

The aim of the Tax Department is to provide clients with all the information they need so they can plan and optimise the payment of taxes. We help business owners comply with all the tax obligations imposed by organisations and authorities.
• Tax declarations and settlements

• Personalised tax consulting and planning

• Administrative procedures

• Tax auditing

Spanish Tax Declarations and Settlements (acronyms are in Spanish)

  • Value-added tax (IVA)
  • Personal income tax (IRPF)
  • Non-resident income tax (IRNR)
  • Corporate tax (IS)
  • Property tax (IP)
  • Inheritance tax (ISD)
  • Property transfer tax (ITP-AJD)
  • Business activities tax (IAE)
  • Capital gains municipal tax (Plusvalía)

Census and information declarations submitted to the Spanish tax agency (Agencia Tributaria) and other financial departments and entities such as the Bank of Spain, Ministry of Economy and the Intrastat system, among others.


We provide Personalised Tax Consulting and Planning for all types of taxpayers (corporate businesses, sole proprietors, property management agencies, non-profit organisations, non-resident entities, start-ups, innovators, sport entities, among others) by applying the most recent doctrines and case-law to benefit the interests of our clients.

Our tax consulting services include the following:

  • Assigning a consultant to prepare and settle all declarations with the authorities (state, regional and local)
  • Creating a schedule of tax obligations required of each client
  • Publishing and sending newsletters to provide our clients with updated information on taxes and tax obligations

Administrative procedures

When it comes to administrative procedures, we represent our clients before the authorities and we advise on and file pleadings and appeals in all types of tax procedures (management, collection and inspection).

  • Tax management procedures: requirements, checks and verifications of information
  • Tax inspections
  • Collection procedures: summary processes, transfer of responsibility, seizures and deferments.
  • Requests for reviews, economic-administrative appeals and appeals to the contentious-administrative court
  • Our clients can grant our offices power of attorney to electronically receive and manage notices from the authorities.

We represent our clients during tax inspections. We monitor the entire process from the preparation of files required for inspection to the final concluding document and the signing of certificates of compliance or non-compliance. If necessary, we then prepare, lodge and follow up on appeals and claims before the economic-administrative courts on certificates resulting from the inspection.

Tax Auditing

We carry out tax audits aimed at analysing the activity of our clients to determine the tax obligations you are subject to. Furthermore, we issue a report which describes these obligations, assesses your degree of compliance and determines any tax risks that have been detected.


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