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“We adapt ourselves to each case and to the needs of our clients to offer unique and personalised service.

At Grup Gestió, we provide comprehensive and personalised consulting services in insurance. We work with the most trusted and prestigious companies and insurance providers. Our main objective is to provide information and guarantee the best coverage for our clients.
• Corporate multi-risk insurance

• Liability insurance

• Homeowners associations

• Insurance risk audit

Corporate multi-risk insurance

We advise on and manage the purchase of insurance that covers company risks related to assets including immovable property, installations, machinery and stocks.

Liability insurance

We advise on and manage the purchase of liability insurance for companies, business owners and professionals. We ensure that insurance covers risks related to the activities carried out with clients, providers and third parties.

We also advise on and manage the purchase of third-party liability insurance for company directors and executives.

Homeowners associations

We offer combined coverage of several different risks with polices that cover risk and liability for immovable property, installations and movable property and liability for damage to property and liability the association has towards third parties.


We study and create customised savings plans in line with your needs and level of risks by offering different savings plans, life insurance policies and pension plans.


We advise on the purchase and management of medical health insurance with various insurance companies. Coverage can be adapted to the needs of each person or family and to all medical coverage areas (specialists, emergencies, outpatient consultations, dentist, surgeries, etc.).

Temporary work disability (ILT) insurance for freelancers

For small companies and freelancers, we advise on and manage the purchase of insurance that covers accidents and sickness to complement Social Security benefits.

Insurance risk audit

We carry out audits on risks related to your company’s insurance policies by analysing your activity and the coverage needs for these risks.

By keeping the coverage needs of these risks in mind, we analyse coverage and capital already insured to determine possible deficiencies in risk coverage. We also study the possibility of insuring these risks by purchasing other policies at a lower cost.


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    • Multirisc empresarial

    • Responsabilitat civil

    • Comunitat de propietaris

    • Plans d’estalvi

    • Assistència sanitària

    • Assegurança d’incapacitat laboral temporal (ILT) per a autònoms

    • Auditoria de riscos relacionats amb les assegurances